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Amma's Tour 2014

Europe Tour 2014

More details coming soon, please check back for updates

07.-09. October 2014 Barcelona Spain

11.-13. October 2014 Munich Germany

15.-17. October 2014 Winterthur Switzerland

19.-21. October 2014 Paris France

23.-25. October 2014 Houten Holland

27.-29. October 2014 London England (starting evening only)

31. October – 1. November 2014 Dublin Ireland

03.-05. November 2014 Toulon France

08.-10. November 2014 Milano Italy

12.-13. November 2014 Berlin Germany

15.-16. (17. not confirmed) November 2014 Mannheim Germany


Where is Amma now?

For the latest details on where Amma is now and her current schedule see:

Amma with a newborn Tsunami baby