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Amma's 2017 European Tour

Announcing Amma's 2017 European Tour. Confirmed dates below.

(Before planning your trip, please confirm dates and schedules on the local websites in each country as listed below.)

  • October 29-31: Barcelona, Spain
  • November 2-4: M.A. Center (near Frankfurt), Germany
  • November 6-8: Toulon, France
  • November 10-11: Winterthur, Switzerland
  • November 13-15: Milano, Italy
  • November 17-18: London, United Kingdom
  • November 20-21: Munich, Germany
  • November 24-26: Chalons en Champagne, France
  • November 28-29: Houten, Netherlands

Amma's program dates in Finland have not been confirmed. For updates, please check back here and at


Where is Amma now?

For the latest details on where Amma is now and her current schedule see:

Amma with a newborn Tsunami baby