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Social Projects

"To those who ask, Amma would say that if we have at least a little compassion in our hearts, we should try to commit ourselves to work an extra half hour a day in some way for the sake of those who are suffering—this is Amma’s request. Today’s world needs people who express goodness in their words and deeds. If such noble role models can set an example for their fellow beings, the darkness now prevailing in society will be dispelled." - Amma

In India and internationally, Amma groups and centres provide much-needed sanctuaries where people perform spiritual practices and community service together and deepen their search into the meaning of life. Amma teaches that world peace will come only when people understand that everything in the universe is a manifestation of the Divine. To help bring about this understanding, Amma encourages everyone to not only engage in practices like meditation, but also to serve those who are suffering. Only when we can see and serve the Divine in others will we be able to experience it in ourselves. Selfless service is thus an important part of spiritual life.

Free meals