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Throughout India, the M.A.Math runs 53 schools, from pre-primary to high school. New Amrita Vidyalayams are established every year. The schools provide high standards in academic studies through enthusiastic, activity-oriented teaching. Every available opportunity is used to instill positive values, which are considered an integral part of the schools’ holistic approach to learning. The children have a routine designed to keep them physically fit, mentally alert and spiritually aware. They learn how to practice meditation and are taught the value of selfless service. They also study Sanskrit and the classical Indian art forms. Each school provides 75-l00 free scholarships for students coming from poor families.

Teaching Values
  • Students are shown how to practise selflessness, compassion and respect for others in all their activities.
  • They practise self-awareness, yoga and meditation to help them relax while learning.
  • Students take part in community-outreach programmes, which help them become aware of their social responsibilities.
  • Students gather with their teachers and administrators every day to pray for the peace and happiness of all beings, to encourage them to develop compassion, and to think of those who suffer throughout the world.

Amrita School