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Take action for peace

November 2012

At Amma's recent programmes in Michigan and Detroit, she gave the following message and request to devotees at the end of Atma Puja on Devi Bhava night.

"All of nature is agitated. We need both effort and prayer to soothe the agitations. Only Divine Grace can lift the dark clouds of negativities.

Please chant Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu (May all beings be happy and peaceful) 5 minutes upon waking and 5 minutes before bed to help reduce the agitation in nature. You can do this right upon awaking, just sitting up in bed, and while lying down to go to sleep at night. (5 minutes winds up being about 108 repetitions done at a normal cadence). Whatever you can do is good, at least once a day even, but morning and evening is better.

Please pray for world leaders to have patience and use their words carefully. With world leaders, one angry word can lead to a war. Prayer is very powerful. Sometime in the past a meteor or missile was about to hit the Earth and all prayed that it fall into the ocean and it did fall into the ocean. Such is the power of prayer.

Please make a very firm resolve: “I will not say anything hurtful or negative to anyone”... and think carefully many times before even uttering a word. There is a great deal of negative vibrations in the atmosphere and we shouldn't use negative speech at this time, especially, even towards our enemies. Amma wants all of Her children to speak lovingly in these bad times and be careful when we speak and to take a vow (firm resolve) to be discriminating when choosing our words.

Pray that everyone has the power of will to be patient, compassionate and loving. Pray for Divine Grace to lift negativity and darkness and create peace. Send peace to the entire creation, even our enemies, and pray that there be Peace, Light and Love everywhere."

Om Amriteswaryai Namah