Amma's Programme in Winterthur 2017


Nov 10th - Nov 11th 2017

Registration for volunteers and accommodation




Please read the questions carefully before filling in the form


Every person has to be registered on a separate form. An e-mail-address shouldn't be used for two different people.



We are still looking for people interested in taking responsibility for one work-area during the programme. Especially the following areas still need to be covered (BV: main responsible person / StV: Surrogate):

  • BV: Parking
  • BV: Security
  • BV: Posters & flyers
  • BV: Chopp vegetables
  • StV: Toilets and showers downstairs (men)
  • StV: Toilets ground floor

People interested will be instructed and supported by the team and the former responsible person.


Notice regarding filling in the form:

Please make sure to fill in all 3 pages of the form and press "NEXT", once you have finished with one page and press "SEND" once you have filled in all spaces, esp. the spaces marked with a *. You will get an automatic reply after having sent the form.


Important: The apostrophe signs ' and ` are not allowed to be used because they're causing a transmission error. If you want to use one of them use the ^ sign instead. We'll correct it afterwards manually. Also it is not allowed to use the new line sign (enter key) in a textfield because it also causes a transmission error.


Should you not get the automatic reply within a few minutes as well as for further technical questions, please contact our technical support at

Questions regarding seva can be sent to

Thank you for your support of Ammas Programme in Winterthur. We really appreciate that.