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Senior Disciple ToursBrahmachari Shubamrita Chaitanya

Br. Shubamrita was born in South India, grew up in Bombay and graduated in chemistry and biology. He has lived with Amma as a monastic disciple since 1989.

As one of Amma’s closest disciples and personal translators, he is invited regularly to hold programmes and give courses in Amma’s Integrated Amrita Meditation technique® throughout Europe, India, Australia and Africa. Br. Shubamrita is known for his eloquent spiritual discourses and as a wonderful songwriter and singer of Bhajans (Indian spiritual songs).

Europe Tour 2016


04 – 05 June, Sat – Sun

Italy Retreat

06 June, Mon

Vicenca, Italy

08 June, Wed

Budapest, Hungary

09 June, Thu

Geneva, Switzerland

10 June, Fri

Bern, Switzerland

11 – 12 June, Sat – Sun

Switzerland Retreat 

14 June, Tue

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

15 June, Wed

Barcelona, Spain

16 June, Thu

Tenerife, Spain

17 June, Fri

Segovila, Spain

18 – 19 June, Sat – Sun

Spain Retreat

21 June, Tue

Vienna, Austria

22 June, Wed

Athens, Greece

23 June, Thu

Crete, Greece

25 - 26 June, Sat - Sun

France Retreat (Ferme du Plessis)

28 June, Tue

Donegal, Ireland

29 June, Wed

Dublin, Ireland

30 June, Thu

Lisbon, Portugal

1 July, Fri

Tielrode, Belgium

02 – 03 July, Sat - Sun

Netherlands Retreat

05 July, Tue

Copenhagen, Denmark

06 July, Wed

Uddevalla, Sweden

07 July, Thu

Stockholm, Sweden

08 – 10 July, Fri – Sun

Germany Retreat (Hof Herrenberg)

12 July, Tue

Milano, Italy

13 July, Wed

London, UK

14 July, Thu

France Retreat (La Paradou)

15 – 17 July, Sat – Sun

Finland Retreat

17 – 24 July, Mon – Sun

AYUDH Youth Summit, Germany

19 July, Tue

Munich, Germany