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Senior Disciple ToursBrahmachari Shubamrita Chaitanya

Br. Shubamrita Chaitanya grew up in Mumbai where he met Amma for the first time. After graduating in biochemistry, he came to live in Amritapuri (Amma's Ashram in South India) in 1989. For many years, Br. Shubamrita was the editor of Matruvani, the ashram’s monthly periodical. In 1996, he was initiated by Amma as a brahmachari (a part of the monastic tradition) and since then has been engaged in the social, educational and spiritual activities of Amma’s worldwide mission.

He regularly gives lectures and seminars on stress management and meditation throughout Europe, Russia, Africa, India and the Middle East. Drawing on more than 20 years of experience as one of Amma’s closest disciples and personal translators, Br. Shubamrita shares his understanding of the Eastern spiritual traditions in practical and easily understandable terms.

Br. Shubamrita’s talks are applicable to all fields of life: nurturing personal growth through spiritual understanding and practices, illustrating effective management techniques for both professional and personal life, empowering youth to become responsible leaders and fostering dialogue between religious traditions.

Br. Shubamrita in Europe - 2017 Summer Tour
'Live Life to the Fullest'



This is a rough tour schedule. For more details please check the local Amma websites.

27th May, Saturday & 28th May, Sunday: Italy (retreat)

29th May, Monday: London, UK

May 31st, Wednesday: Dublin, Ireland

June 2nd, Friday: Munich, Germany

June 3rd, Saturday & June 4th, Sunday: Flaach, Switzerland (retreat)

June 5th, Monay: Tielrode, Belgium (retreat)

June 7th, Wednesday: Vienna, Austria

June 9th, Friday: Bern, Switzerland

June 10th, Saturday & June 11th, Sunday: Zeist, Netherlands (retreat)

June 13th, Tuesday: Mallorca, Spain

June 14th, Wednesday: Asturias, Spain

June 15th, Thursday: Bilbao, Spain

June 16th, Friday: Segovia, Spain

June 17th, Saturday & June 18th, Sunday: Escorial, Spain (retreat)

June 20th, Tuesday: Copenhagen, Denmark

June 21st, Wednesday: Athens, Greece

June 22nd, Thursday: Crete, Greece

June 24th, Saturday & June 25th, Sunday: Ferme du Plessis, France (retreat)

June 27th, Tuesday: Lausanne, Switzerland

June 28th, Wednesday: Stockholm, Sweden

June 29th, Thursday: Oslo Norway

June 30th, Friday & July 1st, Saturday & July 2nd, Sunday: Finland (retreat)

July 4th, Tuesday: Milano, Italy

July 5th, Wednesday: Napoli, Italy

July 7th, Friday & July 8 Saturday & July 9th Sunday: Brombachtal, Germany (retreat)

July 11th, Tuesday: Lisbon, Portugal

July 12th, Wednesday: Barcelona, Spain

July 13th, Thursday & July 14th, Friday: Lou Paradou, France (retreat)

July 15th, Saturday - July 23rd, Sunday: AYUDH European Youth Summit 'Educate. Cultivate. Participate.', Germany