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New AYUDH Project:
GROWIN’ – One Seed at a Time

AYUDH’s first international Green Initiative “Growin – One Seed at a Time” was launched during Amma’s Tour in Europe and USA this fall. The project aims at encouraging young people to grow their own vegetables.

Since many years Amma has been emphasizing how important it is to cultivate one’s own food. This has several reasons: Many of the food items, which are bought in the supermarket are harming our health due to their chemical ingredients. But not only our bodies but also the environment is suffering from the industrialization and globalization of agriculture. The shipping of food around the globe contributes significantly to pollution and global warming. Genetically modified plants are destroying the biodiversity of nature. Through his manipulation of nature man has taken upon himself a role, which he is not able to live up to. Shortage of food, natural disasters and diseases are the consequence.

Amma says that the “biggest threat for mankind today is not a third world war but the loss of the harmony and the widening separation between man and nature.”

GROWIN’ – One Seed at a Time

With Growin AYUDH is taking a first step, it is sawing the seeds for a change. Be it on balconies, window shelves or in the garden – any location can be used to cultivate a few veggies. From South India to California, from Sydney to Vienna groups have been formed to translate Amma’s dream into reality.

Growin' provides the necessary know-how for this.

An online-platform offers planting instructions for download, video clips give step-by-step instructions on how to e.g. grow potatoes in old tires or set up a worm-compost. In addition to the online platform there will be training-weekends in many countries, run by professional gardeners. More than one thousand organic sees packets had been sold during Amma’s European Tour to promote the project.


When AYUDH members brought some homegrown vegetables to Amma during her programmes in Munich, Germany and San Ramon, California, she lovingly blessed the food and even took a hearty bite from a carrot. With Amma’s thumbs up the AYUDH groups are now getting ready to plough, plant and harvest.

This initiative offers the opportunity to reestablish the connection with Mother Nature. Even if each youngster only contributes a little but – together it will be a big step into a better future.

Please visit for more information or write to

GROWIN’ – One Seed at a Time