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Amrita Yoga

Amrita Yoga is the broad new yoga program from the Mata Amritanandamayi Math, offering classes and retreats in hatha yoga. Amma’s spiritual teachings provide the foundation for Amrita Yoga. Amrita Yoga is a system of hatha yoga that can be integrated into the other daily spiritual practices that Amma teaches or as a practice unto itself to enrich our experience of the present moment.

Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi, aka Amma frequently speaks about the importance of practicing hatha yoga every day. Amrita Yoga provides the highest standard of technical training in hatha yoga with a skillful attention to physical alignment, mindful breathing and the use of mantras.

At present, two regular courses are being offered throughout the year – Two-Week Immersion Programs and 4-day Intensive Courses.

During each course, the students will stay at Amritapuri. All courses include two daily asana classes (3.5 hrs per day) and yoga philosophy lectures from Amma’s disciples. Students are also fully integrated into the daily ashram activities — archana, meditation, bhajans and seva. Plus, during the Two-Week Immersion Program, students receive the IAM training course (Integrated Amrita Meditation).


To find out more about the courses visit:

Amrita Yoga